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DEK - Схеми и чертежи за направа на субуфери DEK - Чертежи за събуфер боксове - Подходящи говорители;
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Изглед на говорителя

DEK - Чертежи за събуфер боксове - Hertz 10" ES380

Energy ES subwoofers were designed to work best when used in small enclosures. However, their electro-acoustic parameters are optimised for use in many different enclosure types; both in terms of typology (sealed box, reflex, bandpass, etc.) and in size, insuring extraordinary versatility and performance. The use of a long excursion mobile voice coil and high flux density double magnet have created subwoofers that can stand very high power with outstanding musicality and bursting dynamics. The special anti-scratch finish and butyl rubber rings offer protection and an aggressive look.

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